Beautyrest matress

If you typed ‘Beautyrest matress’ in order to get to this page, perhaps you want to know how a mattress (thats m-a-t-T-r-e-s-s) can help you get some beauty rest.

The urban dictionary defines ‘beauty rest’ as:

Rest which one needs to feel and look refreshed and healthy.
I need to get some beauty rest or else I’ll look like a wreck!

Its definitely true, a good sleep is a regenerative force that can bring us back to feeling good again, and a mattress that suits your individual needs will do this.

Beautyrest is also a brand of mattress that has been around for over 140 years – one of their claims to fame is that many of their mattresses are at the bottom of the ocean as they fit cruise liners such as the Titanic with mattresses.

You can explore their product range here.