How big is a queen size mattress?

A queen size mattress is the most confusing size mattress you can possibly buy. This is because the definitions of a ‘standard’ queen size mattress differ from country to country. Sometimes you will also find that another countries queen size mattress has made its way to you. You may also find that in the UK, a queen size mattress is wrongly thought to be the same size as a ‘supering’ size mattress. This is why you should always get a measuring tape and measure the exact size of the bed you need to buy a mattress or sheets for – and then compare it to the measures stated on the packaging of the item you are buying.

Queen Size Mattress UK:

  • 120cm x 190cm or
  • 1.2m x 1.9m or
  • 48 inches x 75 inches or
  • 4ft x 6.3ft

Queen Size Mattress US:

  • 152.5cm x 203.5cm or
  • 1.525m x 2.035m or
  • 60 inches x 80 inches or
  • 5ft x 6.6ft

If you and your partner are buying a new bed and new mattress together, you should think about how much space you each like to take up, whether or not there are arguments about who has what space, and decide whether a king size mattress is right for you. If you have the space it may be worth investing in a king or super king mattress.