What’s with naming your mattress after your mate?

First there was Eve, then Casper, now Emma mattresses. there sure must be a bit of money in having a friendly mattress! what happened to dreams sleep, sleep well and sleepy head?
Is it better that you associate sleep with a ‘person’? If you have one of these mattresses do you think, ‘boy I can’t wait to get home and sleep with ‘Emma’ tonight’.?
Eve mattress claim ‘eve Is Cooler Than Other Mattresses’ and that it is ‘30% More Breathable Than Other Memory Foam Mattresses’.
Casper mattress claims it ‘is obsessively engineered for outrageous comfort.
And now Emma mattress claims it is ‘A union of comfort and support.’ Playing on the fact that it’s made on the United Kingdom
And if you didn’t want to sleep with any of those you could try Simba. Simba mattress claims ‘One Mattress. Five Layers of Comfort. Tailored to Suit All. Bringing together experience & technology’
All of these mattress brands offer a 100 day free trial.
Well what do you think? Have you bought one?